Caprixa Control Solution's access control and ID solutions range from card/proximity access systems to intelligent keys. We can provide access control solutions that range in size from entire corporate systems to simple, keypad access for remote stand-alone, security doors. Requirements depend on access control risks. We use the latest technologies - including proximity cards and tokens, smart cards and biometrics - and source from the leading, global names in access control. Caprixa Control has a wealth of access control solutions' experience that customers tap into to increase security, reduce risk and even optimize other facets of the performance of their organization. Our solutions includes :

  • ID cards
  • Proximity cards and tokens
  • Mag-stripe swipe cards
  • Smart cards
  • Keypads
  • Biometrics
  • ANPR
  • Multi-site networking
  • Security doors
  • Centralized management
  • Control and reporting Remote Access
  • Time and attendance system

Live Tracking

In GPS tracking mode you will see your current location on the map, or the last position when your GPS connection was active. When you click on the point of your icon on the map you will see extra information about it. In school bus tracking School bus travel live on the map with a default refresh rate of 10 sec., hence giving more safety to your children.

Download & View Report

All reports with respect to attendance, bus location, speed, stoppage, detail history and other details can be view and downloaded or printed through the Caprixa Control School bus application and vehicle tracking application.

Alert Message

speed, geo-fence, AC, Ignition, power off alert message will be send to the mobile and Automatic Pick/ Drop message are sent to the parent when the bus pick and drop the child at the stop with the help of the manual mass SMS notice filtered as per bus route standard and section can also be sent using Caprixa Control application.

Vehicle Tracking

Caprixa Control offers a full range of software for commercial Vehicles tracking management. All our GPS vehicle tracking devices offer worldwide GPS satellite network coverage with nationwide customer sales and service network. GeoRadius GPS fleet tracking and fleet management solution allows you to effectively monitor your entire fleet with real time tracking. Our GPS vehicle tracking system and thorough reporting not only tells you where your vehicles are but they also provide full access to critical data and performance metrics live with reports exportable in XML or CSV comprising number of stops, elapsed travel time, distance report, trip report, over speed, tampering and live alerts.

Software Feature:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Track History Review and Reports
  • Notifications
  • Speed tracking
  • Manage Geo-fencing
  • User settings
  • POI
  • Total Km traveled Report
  • Live Tracking
  • User settings
  • Speed Alert
  • fuel Management
  • AC Alert Message
  • Ignition Alert Message
  • Tracking History
  • Daily Log
  • Vehicle performance
  • Stoppage Report
  • Vehicle Locking System

School Bus Tracking & Attendence

Today Biggest need is provide children a Healty and protective enviourment , biggest priority of parents and school management is that mishap happennig with the children is minimize . So here we WEBTRACE presents RFID based School Bus Tracking Sytem present you solution through which one can always be connected to their chidren and the bus they board.It is a one of the best solution for live tracking, route management, automated SMS, emergency prepartdness, student attendance and . When it comes to finding school transportation software, you need one solution that emphasizes accuracy, efficiency, and safety and nothing can do it better than the School Bus Tracking Solution, contact us today for a demo of our application which is an integrated child and school bus tracking and monitoring solution that ensures children's safety and security while they travel to school and back.

Car and Taxi Tracking

Taxi cabs are very important people movers to a city's transportation system . It is so much better to have access to cabs 24/7 which helps you get to the right place in the right time.GPS tracking is very essential for taxi cab management. Companies dispatching taxi cabs know that a tracking system will tell them where their cab is exactly, so they have better control of their resources, and as an extension of that, better control of their operating costs and profit margin. GPS tracking systems are used to: record on-duty trips; to keep an electronic record of mileage and location, eliminating the need for manual trip sheets; and to better dispatch the closest available vehicle to trip requests. Tracked cab are safer, and dramatically reduce the speed and fatigue risks, as well as theft.